How party changing the face of politics

The Women's Equality Party had a post-referendum rally in Manchester.
The Women's Equality Party had a post-referendum rally in Manchester.

The Harrogate branch of The Women’s Equality Party has spoken out post-EU referendum about how it is helping to change the face of politics.

The branch has come a long way and boasts a thriving community of women and men committed to equality throughout the Yorkshire Dales and nationally.

Viviane Morris, Branch Leader (Harrogate) said: “We have been active in Harrogate for six months now.

“We meet monthly, have a Facebook page and are growing our Harrogate branch every month with men and women.

“It’s exciting to be in at the ground level working alongside people who are passionate about changing the face of politics.

“We are a group of women who, to date, had little involvement in politics, but we represent 51% of our population and we know what women need.”

The branch’s first Conference is in Harrogate on September 19. The party did not take a position on whether to Remain or Leave the EU but pledged to support women whatever the outcome was.

The Women’s Equality Party is thriving throughout Yorkshire with multiple branches in York, Leeds, Sheffield and Wakefield, as well as Harrogate. Members and registered supporters have grown by 50% since Brexit.

Change is everywhere post-Brexit and The Women’s Equality Party is helping bring in those changes.

The party stands for equality for women in business, representation in politics and equality in the home for parents and carers. It has grown significantly throughout the EU Referendum and now has 65,000 members and registered supporters.

Sophie Walker, Leader of The Women’s Equality Party said at a Manchester rally: “We refuse to make ourselves smaller to assure the greater and continued power of the few. We will not bump women down the list of priorities again. We are the Women’s Equality Party and in so being, we are the Equality Party.”

“We were created one year ago because there was a crisis in representative democracy.

“As the dust settles on the EU Referendum, that crisis is more apparent than ever before. We are building a party of people, not politicians.”

The party is pushing for:

· equal representation in politics, business, industry and throughout all areas of working life.

· equal pay and an equal opportunity to thrive.

· equal parenting and care-giving and shared responsibilities at home, to give everyone equal opportunities both in family life and in the work place.

· equal opportunities for all children.

· equal treatment of women by and in the media.

· an end to violence against women.