How more than £70,000 could be injected to improve district's centres

Decorative lighting at Knaresborough Castle is among the bidsDecorative lighting at Knaresborough Castle is among the bids
Decorative lighting at Knaresborough Castle is among the bids
An injection of cash to bolster economic centres across the district is to be voted upon today.

Bids potentially totalling more than £70,000 from Parish Councils for Harrogate Borough Council’s District Improvement Fund went before the Cabinet Member for Environment, Waste Reduction and Recycling.

Eight out of 14 total proposals were put before the council to improve the ‘vibrancy’ of busy town and city centres.

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Leader of the Council, Coun Richard Cooper said: “The aim is to carry out improvement work across areas of high footfall and improve the vibrancy of our towns and cities. We asked parish councils where they would want to see this money spent in order to do this.

He added: Once they are approved lets get on with making our town and city centres looking as good as possible.”

Boroughbridge Town Council, are among the bidders, as they attempt to demolish the Water Rats Club building.

If approval is given up to £8,000 could be provided for the work to go ahead.

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Mayor of Boroughbridge, Coun Peter Phillips said: “We are very hopeful that this funding will be coming through, residents in the area will be glad to see the back of it and get that eyesore down. “We will then be able to decide what we can do with the land. “

Two bids were also received from Knaresborough Town Council.

Up to £10,000 for improvements in the centre and up to £20,000 for decorative lighting at Knaresborough Castle have been requested.

Schemes were also submitted for Masham, Ripon, Pateley Bridge and Harrogate.

Other bids include:

Boroughbridge , bus shelter - up to £5,000.

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Ripon, city centre improvements and repairs, up to £10,000.

Harrogate, independent traders web site, up to £10,000

Harrogate, town centre improvements and repairs, up to £10,000

Masham, parking signs , £500.