Horror accident: Back to work hope of Tadcaster farmer

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It was a dramatic rescue of a Tadcaster farmer who suffered horrific injuries when he fell into a machine by the emergency services working with engineers.

Darren Taylor was lucky to survive after he lost his left leg, part of his right leg and suffered terrible arm injuries in the accident with a potato harvester.

The 44-year-old, who has amazed doctors with his determination, said: “I have had one prosthetic leg fitted and I am hoping to be walking by early summer and want to be back to work by the autumn.”

Darren had been running the harvester in preparation for a morning’s work at his farm at Bolton Percy last year when he slipped and became caught.

“It only had my foot in to start with and I tried to pull it out with my left hand and then it took my hand and more of my leg,” he said.

“It was then starting to really hurt and I just was calling for help and trying to keep as much of me out of the machine as possible.”

Emergency services were called and after firefighters struggled to work out how to get Darren out of the machinery, they contacted nearby firm Grimme UK.

Mark Addinall, Grimme UK branch manager said: “We work with these machines all year around and know how they come apart. When we got the call our guys rushed to the farm and worked very closely with the fire service and paramedics to get him out.

“As a result of this incident we are now working with the fire service to provide specialist training. We are just delighted that Darren survived and I’m sure having the air ambulance there made a real difference to the outcome.”

Yorkshire Air Ambulance paramedic Graham Pemberton added: “The emergency services and the Grimme engineers worked fantastically well together to free Darren and we were then able to take him to LGI in the quickest possible time.

“He was remarkably calm throughout what was a long and complex rescue and Darren’s is certainly a job I will remember for the rest of my life.”

At LGI, the father-of-three was put in an induced coma for eight days while doctors tried to save his life.

His left leg was fully amputated, his left elbow removed and the bottom of his right leg amputated, and he spent three months in hospital, recently returning for more surgery.

“I’m so grateful to the emergency services, the air ambulance, all the medical staff, the quick thinking Charles Hills who rang Grimme and the lads from Grimme for all they did for me.”

Darren’s story was featured on Helicopter Heroes and will be on Countryfile on Sunday.