Hookstone Ward by-election: meet your candidates

tis  Harrogate Council building.  (140131M1d)
tis Harrogate Council building. (140131M1d)

Harrogate District Council wil hold a by-election on July 17 to elect a new councillor for Hookstone Ward.

The vacancy has arisen following the death of long standing Lib Dem councillor Reg Marsh in May.

Pat Foxall will be running as the Labour candidate with Phil Headford standing for the Conservatives.

Alan Henderson will be running for UKIP and Clarke Skardon will be representing the Liberal Democrats,

If elected, Mr Henderson said his priorities included immediately cancelling the £1.4 billion Allerton Park Incinerator project and focussing on renewable recycling alternatives.

He said: “Councillors should be responsive to the needs of their ward voters and not simply follow grandiose party dominated policies.

“Council budgets need to be prioritised towards road repairs, protecting services and new housing provisions, rather than a new multimillion pound council building and protecting services.”

Mr Henderson’s other priorities include making proper provision for hospital staff car parking on site and slashing amounts of taxpayer funds in local Government.

Mrs Foxall said , if elected, she will be focusing on housing and employment after listening to the grievances of residents in her local area.

She said: “There are not enough affordable house being built and still not enough jobs for white collar workers in the area. I would be trying to attract employers to our area to create a bit of a surge in job prospects.”

Ms Foxall has been a member of the Labour party for 30 years and has been heavily involved with community projects in the past, including the In Bloom project.

Liberal Democrat candidate, Ms Skardon, said: “I’m standing because residents in my area are not being properly informed about what is going on in the town and developments are taking place without their consultation.

“Residents are upset that they have not been contacted about the major roadworks about to take place at Woodlands junction and, after the fiasco of Leeds Road, I would have hoped there would have been better communication.

“I’m running to try and make better communication links between county councilors and ward councillors so more information and consultation can be passed on to residents.”

Mr Headford is a Hookstone resident who lives on the Waysides with his family and, if elected, he is targeting a greater emphasis on teamwork in order to achieve results and improvements in the ward.

He said: “I am a former British Army Major and Falklands and Iraq veteran and, having fought for my country, I know just how important teamwork is for getting results.

“My army experience provides valuable organisational skills which a local councillor needs. I run my own gardening business and help to support local projects such as the Wetherby Road community gardens.

“I have already raised issues for local residents such as road conditions, litter and graffiti problems.”