Homeopathic vet marks 20 years

A pioneering Wetherby vet, who has lectured all over the world, is celebrating a landmark anniversary.

Monday, 8th May 2017, 12:54 pm
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 8:21 pm

Sue Armstrong is one of the world’s foremost experts on the homeopathic treatment of animals after qualifying as a Veterinary Homeopath 20 years ago.

Sue, who graduated as a veterinary surgeon from Cambridge University in 1984, combines the use of conventional veterinary medicine with homeopathic remedies, acupuncture and laser treatment to treat a range of conditions and diseases, from lameness to cancer.

After setting up Balanced Being Vets in Wetherby 14 years ago, she has treated thousands of four-legged patients, using an integrated approach with mainstream veterinary treatment and other therapies, according to the needs of each individual animal and owner.

Over the past 20 years, her holistic approach frequently offers hope to pets when conventional treatment or drugs have not worked.

“I am passionate about both veterinary medicine and about veterinary homeopathy, and it isn’t about choosing between the two approaches as we select what is in the pet’s best interests,” she said.

“It is all about healing animals and what we can do that provides the best outcome in the most gentle and effective way.

“Although I get a lot of referral cases purely for alternative medicine, my ethos is that each animal receives bespoke treatment. They will need good diagnostics and it is then about choosing the most safe and ethical treatment with a mind to the long-term outcome.

“We are debunking a lot of the myths around homeopathic treatment as it isn’t something that is only practised by hippies in a kaftan, and nor is it a miracle cure.

“It is responsible veterinary medicine and we combine homeopathy and conventional treatment for the good of the patient.”

Dr Armstrong is Education Director of the British Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy (BAVH), and lectures and consults all over the world, including Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Japan and the USA as well as throughout the UK and Ireland.

She is also the author of a veterinary homeopathy oncology book, Cancer in Animals: What is to be cured?

Some of her recent cases at Balanced Being include an elderly Springer Spaniel suffering from mammary tumours and the after-effects of a stroke.

Another case involved a young Cockapoo suffering from multiple tumours, which was brought to the practice as a very sick animal with a very poor prognosis. Thanks to a combination of conventional drugs and homeopathic remedies to boost his immune system, he has avoided having to undergo chemotherapy for the last year and is enjoying those precious early years full of vitality.

Dr Armstrong added: “My ethos is that each animal gets a bespoke treatment package.

“They may require diagnostics and conventional treatment and then it is choosing the safest and efficacious treatment with a mind to the long-term outcome, not just the immediate outcome.

“A lot of cases come to use because the owners have done everything else. We also get many cases where pets can’t tolerate the recommended conventional drugs and owners are told there is nothing else that can be done.”