Historic Goldsborough gates damaged by farming vehicle could soon be restored

Goldsborough's treasured gate piers could soon be restored after part of the listed landmark was badly damaged earlier his year.

Tuesday, 4th December 2018, 12:41 pm
Updated Tuesday, 4th December 2018, 12:45 pm
The grade II gate piers were badly damaged earlier this year

A planning application has been submitted by Goldsborough and Flaxby Parish Council to repair the grade II gate piers on the western edge of the village after a farm vehicle trailer caught the edge of one of the piers, causing it to collapse, in July.

Affordable housing on Ripon development could be halvedThe repairs will also help restore the landmark to its former glory, with weathering and minor wear and tear also being addressed, if the application is approved by Harrogate Borough Council planners.

Planning documents say that the pier will be rebuilt exactly as it was before the incident, they wrote: "The pier is now planned to be rebuilt on a like for like basis albeit it is perceived that due to the previous weathering and minor wear and tear not repaired, it will be rebuilt to a far better condition than existing. The northern pier is in a similar state of minor damage and weathering but in addition has a slight lean such that the rebuild will most likely highlight more-so its demised condition.

"The pier is to be rebuilt by a specialist local stonemason who has the years of experience and necessary expertise of building external stone structures. As much as possible of the existing fallen stone will be re-used. It has already been taken away to the stonemason’s yard for preparing to be reused."

Prison officers jailed over 'punishment beating' of 17-year-old at Wetherby Young Offenders' InstitutionThe Parish Council, in a design and access statement, has said that there are concerns the pier could continue to be damaged again in the future.

Referendum date set for vote on Ripon's futureThey wrote: "Sadly, due to the size of modern vehicles and the narrow opening width that is to be retained, the owners (the Parish Council) fully expects this rebuilt pier to be continued to be damaged going forward and potentially it will, as (with) the northern matching pier, stand with the potential hanging over it of being demolished yet again."