HGV ban request considered

Officials at the county council are considering a request that HGVs be banned from driving down a narrow village lane where two lorries have got stuck in the past year.

Last week a vehicle travelling to a nearby farm followed satnav directions down the lane in Galphay and got stuck between George and Jeanne Banham’s home at Lupin Cottage and a telegraph pole carrying power lines into the village.

The lorry was freed by forklift trucks after a two hour drama, but only 11 months previously another HGV destroyed Mr and Mrs Banham’s garden wall after taking the same satnav directions into the village.

Now the couple have contacted officials at North Yorkshire County Council to ask that a sign be posted at the top of the lane, telling drivers that the route is not suitable for HGVs.

A spokesman for the county council said: “We are aware that contact has been made with the area highways office on this matter and we are looking into the issues raised.”