Tips for a healthier Halloween party

Tips for a healthier Halloween party
Tips for a healthier Halloween party

Halloween is creeping up on us and that means pumpkins, scary costumes and trick or treat.

Heart Research UK has released its tips and healthy recipes to cut down on the sugar, which is bad for your heart, but are ghoulishly good enough for any Halloween party.

Why not try some of these tips for a healthy Halloween?

When enjoying popcorn during your scary film use a splash of rapeseed oil instead of butter or air pop in the microwave for a low-fat, cinema snack.

Serve guests gruesome, bloodshot eyeballs using lychees with veins painted on using a fine food colouring pen.

Make petrifying pumpkin faces on satsumas. Spooky and delicious to eat.

Challenge those who dare to pull a plastic spider out of a bowl of tinned ghostly gooseberries that look like slime but taste delicious.

Instead of serving alcohol or sugary drinks, why not make a scary smoothie? Make sure the amount of free sugars don’t creep up on you by limiting it to 150ml.

You’re never too young or old to do a bit of apple-bobbing. Why not mix it up with other fruits or vegetables like strawberries or cucumbers?