Sing your way to being stress free

Harrogate Choral Society performing in The Royal Hall, Harrogate
Harrogate Choral Society performing in The Royal Hall, Harrogate

If you’ve always fancied having a go at choral singing but been afraid to try it, Harrogate Choral Society, which celebrates its 70th anniversary in 2018, invites you to its Open Rehearsal on Wednesday September 13 at the Parish Centre attached to Harrogate’s Christ Church at 7.30pm.

There are many great health benefits of singing including boosting moral and lowering stress levels. Singing in a group is also a great way to socialise.

Chairman, Peter Thompson, said: “Everyone is welcome to come along. You don’t have to have any previous choral experience, or even the ability to read music. We are a very friendly society and if you, like us, enjoy singing, we’d love to see you. After a similar event a few years ago, 22 new members joined the choir!”

All guests will be greeted when they arrive and will be introduced to a few people in the most suitable voice part.

Alto Gill Walsh said: “Being welcomed when I arrived at the open rehearsal meant I didn’t feel overwhelmed or left out.

“And now that I’m a full member of the choir, I’m not only really enjoying the music but have made many new friends as well.”