High flying cash for ambulance

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Yorkshire Air Ambulance has gained over £4,000 from local fundraisers.

A memorial fundraiser at the Manhattan Club in Harrogate, featuring the acoustic band Colour Blue, raised £2,370 for the charity and Harrogate-based Consumer Credit Compliance handed over £2,000 from their campaign Legislate and Donate.

Ten years ago Ada and Neil Milne were killed in a car crash and granddaughter Lucy Milne said: “The fundraiser was in memory of my grandparents who were so sadly taken from us 10 years ago.

“We wanted to thank the Yorkshire Air Ambulance for trying to save them that day, by raising as much money as we could to help others the way they helped us.

“The Yorkshire Air Ambulance’s swift medical interventions have a major impact on a patient’s chances of survival, and although in the grand scheme of things we only raised a fairly small amount, we hope it will make a big difference.

“The turnout was fantastic and we had a lot of responses from local businesses who so kindly donated to the raffle, thank you to everyone who made this evening possible and supported the event.”

Yorkshire Air Ambulance flies seven days a week, 365 days a year, and needs to raise £12,000 per day to keep both of Yorkshire Air Ambulance’s helicopters maintained and in the air.

Meanwhile Consumer Credit Compliance, which specialises in helping companies obtain their consumer credit permission from the FCA, enjoyed huge success with their promotion, run throughout June.

It gave Yorkshire Air Ambulance a donation for every quote they sent out and for every new customer that came on board.

The company, which has its offices at the prestigious Windsor House, is owned and managed by directors Ian Beardmore and David Petty.

“We’ve been passionate about the Yorkshire Air Ambulance service for many years and have always supported it.

“When we were running our June promotion both we and our staff felt it was the obvious charity to support’ said Ian Beardmore.”

With increasing pressure on its services, Yorkshire Air Ambulance is appealing for critical support from companies and individuals to help maintain the important service to the five million people in the Yorkshire region.

Kerry Garner, Regional Fundraising Manager, said: “It’s fantastic to see Consumer Credit Compliance support the Yorkshire Air Ambulance service.

“Their £2,000 donation is certainly one of the largest we have had over the last few months, and it shows how supportive local businesses are.”

Director David Petty said: “It was lots of fun meeting the guys who fly and man the helicopter, and we hope that Consumer Credit Compliance can run a similar promotion next year.

“It’s a valuable service and long may it continue to service the people of Yorkshire.”

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