Harrogate Hospital joins in to set world record number of people performing CPR

Staff and volunteers at Harrogate Hospital have taken part in a world record attempt to help the Royal College of Emergency Medicine celebrate the 50th anniversary of the medical speciality.

The challenge was to get as many people across the country performing CPR at the same time, in a bid to set a new Guinness World Record.

Andy Masters, Seniour Resuscitation Officer, and Cathy Midgley, Emergency Department Sister, give a demonstration with the CPR dummy and an AED defibrillator. Picture: HDFT

At present, the Guinness World Records website shows records for the ‘largest CPR Training session’, ‘the most people in a CPR relay’ and ‘the most people to complete CPR training in 24 hours’.

Andy Masters, Senior Resuscitation Officer at HDFT highlighted the importance of CPR training, explaining that on average, only nine per cent of people in the community who suddenly require CPR actually survive.

He said: “Everyone really in whatever walk of life, should be learning about CPR because you might need it out in the community.

“Other countries have shown, when they have increased their CPR training in schools and elsewhere, that their survival rate has gone up significantly. Our survival rate is not very good, it’s only probably about nine per cent.”

A member of HDFT staff puts her CPR skills to the test following a demonstration from members of the Resuscitation Team. Picture: HDFT

Staff and volunteers were also given a demonstration using an Automated External Defibrillator, which in place at various locations around the town.

Having filmed the sessions with timekeepers, the teams at Harrogate are now waiting for the record attempt to be validated before their success can be confirmed.

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