Crisis talks at LGI Heart Unit

Leeds General Infirmary..3rd January 2013....Picture By Simon Hulme
Leeds General Infirmary..3rd January 2013....Picture By Simon Hulme

The future of the Leeds Children’s Heart Unit was plunged into doubt on Friday (March 29) just 24 hours after the High Court ruled it should stay open.

Surgery at the Leeds Children’s Heart unit was temporarily suspended and put under review after a number of claims regarding the number of patient deaths at the hospital and allegations that junior surgeons were left in charge.

The decision came just a day after the High Court ruled the consultation over changes to children’s heart surgery in England and Wales were flawed.

MP for Harrogate and Knaresborough Andrew Jones, a long time campaigner for the unit was shocked at the decision.

He said: “We have been campaigning to keep the Leeds Children Heart Unit open for many many years now and the news of the data and the suspension of surgery is very disappointing.

“This has come as a great shock after the very encouraging news from the High Court review. We have some doctors who say the data is serious some others say the data is not fit for purpose.

“So we need to see all of the data publshed and availible for the public. This has been a very difficult time for parents and staff at the unit.

“Our objective remains to have safe secure thriving children heart unit offering care for the children in our area.”

A risk summit will be held today (Thursday April 4) with The LGI Hospital Trust, NHS England and the Care Quality Commision in attendence. It is expected a decision will be on the whether or not to reopen the unit.