Have your say: New park and wait restrictions planned for Harrogate and Knaresborough streets

Drivers across Harrogate and Knaresborough could face fresh park and wait restrictions across more than 20 streets under new plans from North Yorkshire County Council.

Tuesday, 28th February 2017, 4:18 pm
Updated Wednesday, 1st March 2017, 9:11 am
Cold Bath Road is one of the streets considered for new parking and waiting restrictions

Residents will have the chance to comment on the proposals for new traffic regulation orders until Friday, March 10.

The orders could include the introduction of new or additional yellow lines on the listed streets.

NYCC cabinet member for Highways, road safety, access to the countryside and public transport, Don Mackenzie, has stated that the plans are based on a need to improve safety and access to roads.

Mr Mackenzie said: "More often than not in cases like this the reason the proposal is put forward is a matter of safety, improving sight lines and other concerns.

"These are very straight forward cases and they happen all the time,normally for road safety concerns.

"For instance Newby Crescent could have yellow lines near the junction to prevent people near it as it can cause great difficulty for people moving."

Alongside Newby Crescent in Harrogate Beckwith Head Road, Park Road, Ripon Road, Skipton Road, Black Dragon Avenue, Chatsworth Road, Church Square, Claro Park, Claro Road, Cold Bath Road, East Parade/Park View, Grove Road, Heywood Road, Queen Parade, Ripon Road, Stanhope Drive, The Parade, Robert Street/Trafalgar Road, Belford Road/Belford Place/Tower Street, St Hilda's Road/Wayside Avenue, Oliver Walk all face review.

In Knaresborough Castle Ings Road, Finkle Street. and Hambleton Grove are also being considered for the new restrictions.

The request for these introductions are often made from members of the local council, compiled and then made available to the public.

If no objections are received by the cut off date yhe NYCC will review and then finally decide on whether to approve. But Mr Mackenzie has emphasized concerns raised by residents will be considered as part of the approval process.

He said: "People may be concerned about how people can visit them at home, and often people object due to thinking the changes will mean parking will be moved to another area.

"But for these orders to succeed they have to be approved, and this process happens every year making things safer."

If you would like to raise concerns at the plans you can email [email protected]