Harrogate: the fourth happiest place in the UK?

tis  The Pump Room Museum.  110107M1.
tis The Pump Room Museum. 110107M1.

Harrogate has been named as the fourth happiest place to live in the UK, according to a survey conducted by property website Rightmove.

The survey questioned 25,000 home-owners on how they felt about where they live, from the quality of local amenities to the area’s ‘neighbourliness’ and perceived safety in the community.

Carlisle topped the list, closely followed by York in second place and Huddersfield in third.

Rightmove’s survey discovered seven out of the 10 happiest towns and cities are in the North of England, with only Norwich, Dorset and Exeter featuring from the South.

And as his 200th birthday passed on Tuesday, Charles Dickens’s impression of Harrogate after a visit in 1858 has been quoted repeatedly this week to tie in with the new survey, more than 150 years later.

He said: “Harrogate is the queerest place with the strangest people in it, leading the oddest lives of dancing, newspaper reading and dining.”

These are just some of the views sent to us by readers via the Advertiser’s Twitter feed, @HarrogateHound. Visit us at www.twitter.com/harrogatehound.

@Louise_Vaughan (Louise Vaughan)

I live in York and work in Harrogate so should be ecstatic with my daily life! Luckily I adore traffic jams on the A59.

@mattbourne (Matthew Bourne)

Wait until we get a Tesco, M&S foodhall, another Sainsbury... we’ll be number one for sure! Maybe.

@Mrs_Moons (Mrs_Moons)

I think it is a splendid place to live if you’re affluent. Otherwise, the gap twixt haves and have nots is a tad depressing.

@SeanParkerSays (Sean Parker)

I’m in the ‘have not’ department, I am very happy to be surrounded by affluent folks, poor folks smell and steal stuff from you.

@Smartagency (Nigel Charlesworth)

Boroughbridge has its charms - and a Morrisons! How do they define happiness? Good transport? Health services? Low crime?

@Bilton115 (Bilton115)

You wouldn’t think it when you hear everyone moaning about everything when out and about in Harrogate.

@HGApp (Simon J Pearson)

It’s also worth reminding ourselves that it was North Yorkshire that took over the Garden of England crown.

When you factor in the spectacular scenery and heritage in the district, nothing else comes close!

@shopermarketer (shopermarketer)

So the saying is now “it’s great up north” rather than grim.

@sorelleysidaway (Sorelle Y Sidaway)

What! Have they never been to Dudley?

@davesafish (David Fisher)

Studied in Carlisle, moved to Huddersfield for two years after that, now in Harrogate - Harrogate = number one.

@HGtheatre (Harrogate Theatre)

Not the first? Shocking! We should do our own poll.

@benthompson70 (Ben Thompson)

Carlisle (my home town) first and Harrogate (where I live) fourth. Both great places to live and bring up families in my opinion.

@SeanParkerSays (Sean Parker)

Last time I went to Carlisle it was shut.

@Harry_Gate (HarryGate)

Only fourth?! Having lived and worked in a number of places Harrogate is a good place to be. Still areas for improvement though.

@LucyECooper (Lucy Cooper)

Only fourth?!