Harrogate teenagers’ Facebook party chaos

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A teenage party which got out of hand after being advertised on Facebook turned into “chaos” after gangs of youths descended on a quiet Harrogate street.

Police were called on Monday night after more than 100 teenagers spilled into the street from the house party which started on Fountains Avenue in Bilton.

Neighbours have spoken of their fear after fights broke out in the road, with a bus being forced to a stop and one elderly man taunted in his own garden.

“It’s ridiculous,” said one neighbour, who asked not to be named. “I came out at one point, they were right up against my fence. But you can’t approach them - you feel intimidated.

“They were all in the street, drinking and shouting. It went on for quite a while, they were kicking off and fighting.

“At one point there was 12 police officers and four cars. A bus came down the street, and they all spilled out around it. The bus driver, and passengers, just had to wait.

“If they want to party that’s fine - but not in the street. Someone could get hurt.”

The youths, aged around 14 and 15 and on Easter school holiday this week, started to gather at about 8.30pm on Monday after the party was advertised on Facebook.

Police say they received several phone calls from concerned members of the public, reporting fights in the street, teenagers lying in the road, and general “rowdy” behaviour.

There were reports of one elderly man being taunted by teenagers in his own garden, with glass bottles smashed in the road and cans left crushed in nearby bushes.

Another neighbour said police were pouring out bottles of vodka confiscated from the youths as they dispersed the group.

“You can’t sleep with anything like that going on, it was beyond a joke,” she said. “But you daren’t go outside - it’s frightening. If you go out and tell them off you’ll only get a mouthful.

“It was dreadful,” she added. “There was a great gang of them, they were just drinking and carrying on. It was chaos.”