Harrogate taekwondo master secures gold in world championship and closer ties for district abroad

Kambiz Ali of the K.R.Ali Taekwondo Academy
Kambiz Ali of the K.R.Ali Taekwondo Academy

The founder of Harrogate's own taekwondo academy has continued his efforts at building links abroad, a week on since claiming gold for Britain at the world championships in South Korea.

Kambiz Ali of the K.R.Ali Taekwondo Academy secured his medal at the World Taekwondo ChungDoKwon Championships in Seoul on Thursday, July 21. He took the number one position for his performance in poomsae, a sequence of stances, blocks and kicks performed against imaginary assailants.

His efforts also saw him ranked at number six in the world for knife-hand breaking, and number five in power breaking.

Mr Ali said:"I'm very honoured to have competed at the World Taekwondo ChungDoKwon and Hanmadang where I was able to represent Team GB. I am very happy with my gold medal at Poomsae and my Hanmadang results."

Following his victories at the championship Mr Ali continued to develop ties between Harrogate and the South Korean capital. In 2015 he was able to have a street named Harrogate Road in the South Korean capital as part of this.

Presenting a letter to President Oh Hyun Deuk of the World Taekwondo Headquarters from Mayor of Harrogate, Coun Anne Jones, it thanked him for assisting Mr Ali in the development and promotion of Taekwondo the district.

During his time in South Korea Mr Ali was also able to secure his seventh dan black belt, presented to him by Grandmaster Park Hae Ma, President of World Taekwondo ChungDoKwon.

Mr Ali gave thanks to Andy Rowson who travelled across to South Korea with him to document these events.