Harrogate Spring Water's views on Royal Pump Room development plans

Bottle by bottle, Harrogate Spring Water is proud to be showcasing the town's spa heritage to the world.

Tuesday, 19th September 2017, 5:38 pm
Updated Tuesday, 19th September 2017, 5:45 pm
The Managing Director of Harrogate Spring Water, James Cain.

With the Royal Pump Room being an intrinsic part of the town and the brand’s identity, James Cain has contacted the Advertiser to have his say on the £150,000 development plans for the historic site.

Harrogate Museums have created a stakeholder group for residents to shape its future, and now Mr Cain is passionate about playing an active part in these conversations, which include whether we should be able to drink the town’s sulphur water again.

Mr Cain said: “We are delighted that the council is supporting such an investment that is so important to the town’s rich history. The Royal Pump Room is intrinsic to the history of Harrogate, but also the role we play in providing naturally sourced waters from the town, and we are proud to be carrying that baton.

“We believe that we have an integral part or voice in discussions about the Royal Pump Room.

"It is important that this money is spent in the right way - it is a big statement by the council to be investing £150,000. It’s a really positive step.”

On the subject of the sulphur water, he said: “I think it is an experience, and it is a part of our history to be respected. I am really sad that there is a ‘no drinking’ sign up - to quote Malcolm Neesam, our forefathers would be turning in their graves.

“This needs to be a focused evolution. I think anything that shows the authenticity of the Royal Pump Room, and looks at telling some of the stories people have to share is really important.”

Marketing manager Nicky Cain, said: “If drinking the water is something that would be explored, we are certainly the people to help with that.

“So many people are passionate about what we have here and want to make it all come together with the same objectives to increase tourism and footfall. It’s about bringing those ideas together.”

The Cains agreed that a new cafe on the cobbles between the Royal Pump Room and the Crown Hotel could help to recreate the bustle of the spa's thriving social scene.