Harrogate's McDonald's closes for one month for dramatic refurbishment

McDonald's in Harrogate - Google Maps
McDonald's in Harrogate - Google Maps

Harrogate's much-loved McDonald's restaurant has today, January 4, closed its doors to customers for almost a month as they prepare for a 'dramatic' refurbishment.

The McDonald’s on Cambridge Road will now be transformed to improve the fast-food chain’s menu and service experience and will re-open on Thursday, January 28.

‘Digital innovation’ will be at the heart of the transformation, with more choice set to be available to how customers order and pay for their food.

As a result, the restaurant will feature new self-service kiosks, digital menu boards and tablet computers.

It will also include McDonald’s signature style with a bright, modern interior and exterior design, comfortable seating and free Wi-Fi.

The restaurant also said they were adapting how food is prepared and served with new technological features creating a more ‘welcoming and enjoyable’ environment.

The refurbishment follows local franchisee Pritpal Singh’s, who owns and operates the restaurant in Harrogate, investment in improving the experience for customers.

He said: “We’re thrilled with the transformation that’s taking place because we’re committed to offering our customers’ more choice and fast service.

“Technology has a huge role to play in all walks of life, including our customers’ eating out experience, so the new tech we’re introducing recognises the way people live their lives today.”

Mr Singh, who also owns 23 McDonald’s restaurants in Yorkshire, said the developments would provide the foundations for current and future changes to the restaurants menu and service experience.

The story of the restaurant’s closure has been shared almost 100 times on the Advertiser’s Facebook page but reaction from residents to the news has been mixed.

While many have expressed disappointment at losing the fast-food restaurant for almost one month, others have reacted with apathy.

Some residents have raised concerns that the introduction of self service kiosks could mean an increase of redundancies at the restaurant.

One customer who had been to a similarly refurbished restaurant last week complained the wait was ‘twice as long’ when ordering on the screen.