Harrogate restaurant Cardamom Black launches chilli-eating challenge

Can you handle Cardmom Black's hottest chillies?
Can you handle Cardmom Black's hottest chillies?

A Harrogate restaurant is on the hunt for brave diners to try the town’s hottest chillies.

Cardamom Black is holding a competition to find Yorkshire’s champion chilli-eater - and the winner will receive a year’s supply of free currries from the South Asian eatery.

Anyone daring enough to enter is invited to the Cheltenham Parade restaurant on Tuesday October 13 from 7:30pm - and owner Nick Rahman will also be welcoming spectators to witness the challenge, which is part of Cardamom Black’s National Curry Week celebrations.

Non-contestants are able to take part on social media by posting images or videos online using the #chillichallenge hashtage for the chance to win an iPad Mini,

“We wanted to do something different to celebrate National Curry Week, so naturally a chilli-eating competition seemed like a good idea as all of our customers obviously like hot and spicy food,” said Nick.

“We also want the competition to be something everyone can take part in online by videoing themselves eating chillies and hopefully it will catch fire and get everyone in the country having a go at it.”

If the contest is successful, Nick hopes to run it every year.

”We hope to see lots of our customers getting involved and new customers taking part or just coming along on the night to support us,” he added.

Potential champions will start their meal with mild chillies, and at each round will be served hotter varieties, measured by the Scotville Heat Units scale. The spiciest, called Trinidad Moruga Scorpion, is a shocking two million units on the chart. The winner will be the ‘survivor’ who eats the most chillies in the final knockout challenge. To register visit www.cardamomblack.co.uk