Harrogate named UK’s best place to sleep

Harrogate named UK's best place to sleep
Harrogate named UK's best place to sleep

Summer is nearly over, and the nights are closing in. Fear not, however, as Harrogate has been named the UK’s best place to get a good night’s sleep.

The dream accolade was handed to the town ahead of top ten cities such as Durham and York, as it has some of the lowest levels of light pollution and is one of the quietest communities in the country.

So there should be no cause for alarm among residents dreading the approaching winter, as they live in an official ‘land of nod’.

Harrogate came top overall in DirectBlinds.co.uk research which measured levels of noise pollution, light pollution, neighbourhood anti-social disturbances and average night-time temperatures.

Busy Liverpool is to be found at the bottom of the sleep A-Zzzz.

Nicolas Swift, joint Managing Director of DirectBlinds.co.uk, said: “Our latest sleep study examined a range or important external factors such as light pollution, which stand between us achieving a good night’s shut-eye in different parts of the UK.

“Harrogate may now be known as the land of nod, but unfortunately our findings are an unwelcome wake-up call for snoozers in Liverpool.

“We’ve been inundated with customers looking for blackout blinds throughout the summer due to the balmy temperatures and seemingly endless daylight. The excellent weather may be a blessing for some, but spare a thought for the 91 per cent of the nation who can only dream of a perfect night’s kip.”

The research revealed that just nine per cent of people across the UK enjoy a good night’s sleep every night, and a total of 49 per cent lose sleep because of high night-time temperatures.

Other places rated in the top ten of the list include Carlisle and Chester. Joining Merseyside’s city in propping up the list were Yorkshire’s own Hull and Wakefield.

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