Harrogate named the most adulterous town in Yorkshire

Figures show that Harrogate is the most adulterous town in YorkshireFigures show that Harrogate is the most adulterous town in Yorkshire
Figures show that Harrogate is the most adulterous town in Yorkshire
Harrogate has been crowned the most the most adulterous town in Yorkshire by an online dating site aimed at married or attached people.

Illicit Encounters revealed that close to 1,000 of its registered members were from the town in its annual Infidelity Index.

Investigative work by Mark Thompson of Lateo Surveillance Ltd has included verifying suspicions of cheating spouses and acts of infidelity in Harrogate.

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Mark Thompson of Lateo Surveillance Ltd said: "We do surveillance for commercial, income fraud as well as Mr and Mrs Smith jobs, where somebody suspects something is wrong. Sometimes it can turn out to be nothing but sometimes when things happen we have to say that we are not marriage counselors and we do get quite a few.

"There are cases where there is blatant infidelity going on on and we have to say to the client to keep their eyes open, in many cases it is people that they know, family members, work colleagues and friends."

Although 1.35 percent of the adult population in Harrogate are now believed to be registered to the site couples can put their minds at ease that their suspicions are more often than not just that.

Mr Thompson said:"On the good side there are many cases where there is nothing going on. Sometimes people are really just going to the gym, visiting family or a friend.

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"In some cases we have had to say to people that we need to stop because they keep on insisting we continue surveillance even though we tell them nothing is going on.

"There is no set pattern but we do get lot of calls about it, what we say to them is go away and have a think about what you want to do. Many end up saying I am going to leave it, it might not be good business but we like to be honest."

Illicit Encounter''s spokesperson, Christian Grant said: "For those who value trust, loyalty and faithfulness, maybe don’t marry a Yorkshireman. Well, to be precise, nobody from York specifically. For one reason or another, the region is one of the UK’s biggest hotbeds for infidelity.

"The good news is that the rest of Yorkshire, for the most part, is to be trusted. Citzens from Middlesbrough and Rotherham in particular are among the most faithful and trustworthy you'll find, along with those from Bradford and Wakefield; married couples from these areas can sleep easy tonight."