Harrogate musicians raise £1,000 for Manchester emergency fund

A Rock Up and Sing! performance
A Rock Up and Sing! performance

Music has proved a uniting force after members of a Harrogate-based group of choirs have raised £1,000 for victims of the Manchester terror attack.

The singers at Rock Up and Sing! contributed the funds in the space of just one week, aiming to help those injured and bereaved in the bombing at Manchester Arena.

They were moved by hearing about the many children and families affected, including several friends of choir members.

Choir director Rhiannon Gayle said: "We have a thriving youth choir here at Rock Up and Sing!, and I teach singing in local schools too, so many of us know the children who were at the concert that night.

"For our group of music enthusiasts and performers, this attack was truly shocking and felt very close to home. We wanted to do something to support everyone involved and show our solidarity with them.

"I've been absolutely overwhelmed by the generosity of our members, and we hope our contribution will help those affected to continue their recovery."

The money was raised through a series of raffles held during choir rehearsals in Harrogate and Skipton.

With 400 members across the four choirs, Rock Up and Sing! has a long track record of fundraising. In 2014, it donated more than £600 from the proceeds of a concert to local people made homeless by a fire in the centre of Harrogate.

Manchester City Council has launched an appeal in partnership with the British Red Cross to support those affected by the devastating attack in Manchester and their families.

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The fund will support people who have been injured or bereaved by the attack.

For familes directly affected phone Victim Supports 24 hour Supportline on 0808 16 89 111.