Harrogate men are UK’s hottest

Some men.
Some men.

IT’S OFFICIAL - Harrogate is home to Britain’s hottest men.

The town’s males have been ranked as the UK’s best looking by a mobile dating site.

FlirtFinder.mobi, which claims to have 220,000 members, says Harrogate’s men are rated as “hot” more often than anyone else - a statistically staggering 23 per cent.

If 23 per cent doesn’t sound that high, spare a thought for the men of Lancaster. The town apparently boasts Britain’s ugliest blokes, rated hot only nine per cent of the time.

The good looks of the local gent are apparently not mirrored by that of Harrogate’s women, who fail to place in the top ten.

The dating site says the ladies of Sutton in London take the top honour - while the female population of the Scottish Islands is, apparently, at the lowest end of the scale.

Also in the top ten for men: Wigan, Enfield, Manchester and Belfast. And for women: Preston, Wakefield, Taunton and Harrow.

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