Harrogate in top ten ‘most glamorous’ list

The Cornwall and Duchy Road areas of Harrogate. 091029GS3b.
The Cornwall and Duchy Road areas of Harrogate. 091029GS3b.

Harrogate is one of the most glamorous places to live in the UK, according to a survey.

The town’s Duchy estate is the only place north of Oxfordshire to make the top ten of the Times’ 30 most glamorous places to live in the UK list.

The list was based on property prices, who lives there, and what makes the place special.

The Duchy was listed as the UK’s fifth most glamorous place to live in the UK.

Dr Rosemary Carnaghan, head of resident’s association for the Duchy estate, has lived there for over 30 years.

Dr Carnaghan said: “I wouldn’t use the word “glamorous myself. I think that makes it sounds as if there’s a lot of celebrities here. I would say it’s extremely pleasant here.

“It’s not for those seeking night life, it’s more so a place or people who like gardening,” said Dr Caranghan, of Kent Road North.

The Duchy is close to several private schools, such as Harrogate Ladies’ College and luxury shops on Montpellier Hill.

Included in these shops is Rigby & Peller, which has recently opened its first northern store. The Queen is a known fan of this lingerie brand.

Sophie Cobbold of the brand said: “Ever since we’ve opened we’ve felt very welcome. Harrogate is a great shopping destination, and we’re really pleased with how its gone so far.”

The Duchy is home to some of North Yorkshire’s most fashionable residents, typically from London or Leeds, according to the article.

Ms Cobbold said: “Yes, I would say it’s definitely glamorous. The people are fashionable, and the shops are a good reflection of that. There’s a great mix of boutiques, too.”

The number one spot on the list went to Knightsbridge & Belgravia, London.

Scarcroft, Leeds, came in 20th on the list. It was described as an “upmarket village in Yorkshire” with “arty and professional types” living there.

Scarcroft has two of Yorkshire’s most expensive streets - Ling Lane and Bracken Park.

St Andrew’s, Windsor, and Cambridge were also considered some of the most glamorous places in the UK.

The Top Ten

1. Knightsbridge & Belgravia, London

2. The Tews, Oxfordshire

3. Notting Hill, London

4. Wentworth Estate, Surrey

5. The Duchy Harrogate

6. St George’s Hill, Surrey

7. Frome, Somerset

8. Primrose Hill, London

9. Salcombe, Devon

10. Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire

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