Harrogate girl poses as impromptu 'security guard' on set of Paddington 2 being filmed in town this week

Freya Stanton on set.
Freya Stanton on set.

The stars of Paddington 2, including Hugh Grant, enjoyed a warm welcome from many excited residents while they were filming in Harrogate yesterday - but for three-year-old Freya Stanton, it was an especially memorable experience as she stepped up to the plate to pose as an impromptu 'security guard' on set.

Freya was enjoying an ice-cream and walking along the Bilton-Ripley track with her grandma and dogs when she spotted the film cameras.

The film crew reassured Freya that she could walk through and carry on eating her ice-cream at Bilton viaduct. Swept up in the excitement of the moment, Freya posed for a photo...

Mum Stacey said: "'My daughter had lots of fun playing a security guard at the viaduct on Tuesday. She was playing a trick on me when I picked her up saying she hadn't been anywhere with grandma that day. The film crew were really polite to her."

Residents have excitedly taken to Facebook to spread the news of Hugh Grant and Jim Broadbent being in town and around the district.

Reported sightings of big film crews down Bilton Lane, in Bilton woods, and near the viaduct have caused feverish excitement.

Rumours and speculation about the scenes being filmed is spreading like wildfire through the town - with some saying a bungy jump has been filmed at Bilton Beck Bridge. Others said Hugh Grant and Jim Broadbent have filmed a railway scene.

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