Harrogate dog owner's despair at finding pet bloodied and terrified after firework display

A Harrogate dog-owner has called for tighter laws on the sale of firework after her pet was left bloodied and terrified following a nearby display.

Monday, 7th November 2016, 11:16 am
Updated Wednesday, 16th November 2016, 4:15 pm
Selinas dogs Cherry (3) and Misty (8).

Selina Leamy and her husband left their two dogs, Cherry and Misty, in their conservatory on Saturday afternoon as they attended their daughter’s house for a Halloween party.

When the pair returned home later that evening, they were shocked to find the doors of the conservatory covered in blood with loose chippings scattered across the floor.

Selina was later told by neighbours that there had been a number of loud fireworks let off nearby in the Jennyfields area that night which may have caused the dogs to panic.

Selinas conservatory doors after the firework display (s)

She said: “I thought nothing of leaving the house as there were no big firework displays planned and it was just a Saturday afternoon.

“But when I got home, I realised that Cherry had tried chewing through the door to get through to the kitchen. I checked her over and found pieces of wood in her mouth.

“I could see her gums had been bleeding and her paws were wet with sweat so she must have been absolutely terrified.

“If the display had been going on much longer then it could have been a lot worse.”

Selinas conservatory doors after the firework display (s)

The three-year-old Italian Spinone is now making a full recovery after the incident but Selina revealed that Cherry has been left badly shaken, raising concerns for further displays on Bonfire Night.

Selina has warned that local displays are getting louder each year and believes that fireworks should only be used for bigger, public events.

Jeanne Thompson, owner of Miss Mollies Dog Rescue Charity has echoed Selina’s calls and revealed she has been forced to sedate her own pets due to their fear of fireworks.

She said: “I have three of my own dogs and I used to put them into kennels but one of them is too old for that now.

“When I was younger fireworks were only used for special occasions but now it’s constant and you have to plan ahead for a whole month.

“The ones they use now are like industrial fireworks and some shops will sell them to anyone.

“Organised ones must be the answer, they’re a lot better and spend thousands on it.”