Harrogate district to be gripped by freezing rain and snow blizzards as icy blast hits this weekend

The Met Office has upgraded its weather warnings for the Harrogate district as freezing rain and snow blizzards are expected over the weekend.

Friday, 14th December 2018, 1:56 pm
Updated Friday, 14th December 2018, 2:02 pm
The Met Office has warned of freezing rain and snow blizzards this weekend.

This is how drivers will be fined for leaving mud on Yorkshire roadsWhile Yellow Warnings of snow remain for the region on both Saturday and Sunday, a more serious Amber Warning has now also been issued for ice.

Temperatures are expected to drop significantly as we enter the weekend, with the Amber Warnings meaning there is an 'increased likelihood of impact from severe weather'.

The Met Office has warned of freezing rain and snow blizzards this weekend.

With only two weekend's until Christmas, our district's high streets are expected to be packed with festive shoppers this weekend, and the Met Office is urging everyone to take extra precautions.

The Amber Warning has been set from 10am on Saturday through to 6am on Sunday and states that 'freezing rain is expected to result in the rapid development of widespread ice, with very dangerous travelling conditions likely.'

Harrogate drug dealer jailed for another 4 years after police discover stash worth nearly £3,000It goes on to read: "A period of prolonged and heavy snow is expected to develop through Saturday morning, before clearing from the west through Sunday morning. Up to 5-10cm of snow is likely widely across the area, whilst some areas could see 20 cm, perhaps as much as 40cm over higher ground. Strong south-esaterly winds will lead to temporary blizzard conditions as well as drifting of lying snow.

"Injuries from slips and falls and danger to life on icy surfaces are likely, while black ice may form quickly affecting bus, train and air travel. Dangerous driving conditions are likely leading to road traffic collisions, road closures and longer journey times.

The Met Office warning map shows where the Amber and Yellow warnings have been issued.

These are the ten things that everyone in Knaresborough should have done before they turn 40"Pavements and cycle paths are likely to become instantly impassable because of the sudden formation of black ice, while power and other services, such as telephone and mobile phone coverage, likely to be interrupted or cut."

The Yellow Warning for snow has been issued from 9am on Saturday through to 9am on Sunday and warns that some rural communities on higher ground could become cut off by the snow.

Harrogate is covered by both the Yellow Warning for snow and the Amber Warning for ice this weekend.