Harrogate Deliveroo riders join forces with Olympic cyclist

Shanaze Reade rides alongside Harrogate Deliveroo riders
Shanaze Reade rides alongside Harrogate Deliveroo riders

If you're putting in your Deliveroo order, you can expect it to be delivered Olympic-style as Harrogate's riders for the service get some expert advice from a world champion cyclist.

Shanaze Reade, Olympic finalist and World Championships gold medallist, has been brought in to help the current Harrogate based riders improve their riding skills.

Reade partnered Victoria Pendleton in the Team Sprint at the World Championships in 2007, with the pair winning gold, before racing in the final of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London.

Reade’s competitive cycling career spans 14 years to date, combining BMX riding, in which she has won the UCI BMX World Championships three times, and track cycling.

But while they're not competing for a gold medal, Deliveroo riders in Harrogate can cycle more than 150km a week, delivering meals to thousands of homes and offices across the town in an average of 32 minutes.

Shanaze Reade said: “I have had a lot of races in my career, from endurance races to sprints and so I know how the Deliveroo riders need to think, eat and cycle to achieve their goals. When Deliveroo asked me for my assistance, I was more than happy to put my knowledge to good use and help the Harrogate riders get the most out of themselves.”

Reade gave the riders some expert guidance on training, diet and how to handle different types of terrain.

Dan Warne, Managing Director of UK & IE at Deliveroo said: “Keeping fit whilst earning money is one of the key benefits of being a Deliveroo rider. Our riders cover big distances each week in cities across the UK, so we wanted to bring someone in to give them some guidance on endurance cycling and who better than an Olympian cyclist?”

Continuing the Olympic theme and celebrating a summer of sport, Deliveroo has also dropped its delivery charge for the whole of August.

As you settle down to watch the likes of Mo Farah, Jessica Ennis and Tom Daley in their quest to bring home gold, customers now have the option to schedule orders via the Deliveroo app up to one day in advance.

Shanaze’s top tips:

- Mix up your training with gym classes or gym cardio machines. This will enable a great base to allow you to go for a lot longer without getting tired, which is essential for Deliveroo riders.

- Strength training has its place, when you reach the bottom of a hill and you are thinking “How can I do this?” This is where your strength training kicks in, so regular exercises can be done to achieve this, such as: Back squats, leg press, press ups. This will give you the raw strength needed to make it up the hill a lot easier.

- Having the correct equipment is essential. Make sure that your bike is well maintained and fitted to your height and riding preference. Having a good pair of cycling shorts is also a must! For long hours in the saddle your clothing can become very uncomfortable and off putting! Invest in shorts to make your ride more comfortable.

- Selecting the correct gear on the bike is another key point. You don't want to be spinning away with your pedals and not travelling far nor do you want to be pushing a huge gear. It's about getting the gear ratio correct for the terrain you’re on. This could be a big reason you fatigue quickly if it's not correct!

- Diet is one of the most important aspects! Having the correct fuel for the day and having a good amount of carbs will help with energy levels. Fuelling with protein after your shift will also aid your muscles and repair them.

- Most importantly, make it fun. Set yourself 3 challenges a week. Maybe that's racing your friend, going for a swim or going for a run. Pushing yourself and completing these challenges will make it easier to achieve your daily Deliveroo duties.