Harrogate customer's anger over Royal Bank of Scotland closure announcement

A regular customer at the Royal Bank of Scotland Bank in Harrogate has refuted claims that the branch has low footfall, following the announcement of its closure.

Last week, RBS revealed that its Harrogate branch will close in August after reporting that the number of regular weekly customers had fallen to just 46.

But, Harrogate RBS customer, Penny Moodie, has shared a picture of the bank manager, in an effort to prove the level of personal service which will be lost by the decision to close the branch.

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Penny said: "This is a photo of Pete, the Manager of the Harrogate Royal Bank of Scotland, with my dog Ella.

RBS Harrogate's Pete with Penny's dog, Lola. Picture: Penny MoodieRBS Harrogate's Pete with Penny's dog, Lola. Picture: Penny Moodie
RBS Harrogate's Pete with Penny's dog, Lola. Picture: Penny Moodie

"We are regulars at the bank and the staff are the best staff of any bank you could ever visit.

"They all make a fuss of Ella and even have a supply of dog biscuits to give her when we go in. This is what Pete was doing in the photo. No matter how busy he is he comes out to greet us and to give Ella a biscuit!

"We were the 30th customer in the bank and it had only been open for 30 minutes, so I don’t know where the figure of 46 regular weekly customers but that is not true at all. The staff refute that figure too."

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Harrogate RBS customers were told in the announcement that they would still be able to do in-branch banking at the town's NatWest branch, but Penny said customers don't want to do that.

She said: "I have met many customers who are both saddened and outraged at the forthcoming closure as neither the satisfaction of the customers or staff have been taken into account.

"The staff will be out of a job in twelve weeks and the customers will no longer have the fantastic personal service which we receive at the RBS.

"We do not wish to go into the NatWest to bank - we want our bank to stay!"

RBS have been approached for comment.