Harlow Carr unveils artist in residence work

The first in a series of watercolour paintings featuring much-loved scenes of RHS Garden Harlow Carr in Harrogate has been unveiled.

The rare Maytenus boaria tree – a landmark feature of the garden’s 375ft-long Main Borders – is the subject of the first of 12 garden scenes which will be re-created by the garden’s new year-long Artist-in-Residence, Anita Bowerman, from now until September 2019.

Anita is painting well-known garden vistas – from the famous Winter Walk to the vibrant spring colour and beauty of the Streamside – using her signature technique of painting with natural items she finds on the ground – from fallen twigs and leaves to moss, grass, feathers and stones.

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Anita explained: “I’ve always been fascinated with nature, wildlife and the outdoors so it seemed perfectly logical for me to make the most of Mother Nature’s bounty to re-create scenes from nature itself.

“The garden offers such a beautiful and inspiring backdrop and I’m looking forward to capturing its iconic scenes which people will instantly recognise as Harlow Carr.

”You’ll find me in the garden in all weathers; I think the odd drop of rain or wind-blown blossom really adds to the authenticity of my paintings. I try to incorporate whatever nature throws at me into the scenes as well as making Impressionistic-style marks using my natural painting tools. For me, it’s the best way to capture the atmosphere, light and true essence of the subject.”

Each original painting will be on show in RHS Garden Harlow Carr’s entrance conservatory.

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