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Congratulations: to my son Graham and new daughter-in-law Gemma who were married in Leicestershire last week. Thanks for all the good wishes the family received locally. The day went extremely well and the sunshine stayed with us all for the whole day. The bride and groom are both professional musicians and now live and work based in Manchester.

Hello: a big hello and welcome to my mum Pam, who has just moved into the MHA Berwick Grange Home on Wetherby Road. I would like to say a very big thank you to all the lovely caring staff at Berwick Grange for making her so welcome and being so supportive of the whole family at what has been a very difficult time for us all.

Open garden: thanks to Mike Foxon for contacting me with the details of his open garden event this year. Let us hope that the weather stays fine for the event which will take place on Saturday and Sunday August 17 and 18 from 2-4pm. You are very welcome to come along to number 50 Wharfedale Place to enjoy looking around the garden where I am told the lilies are looking particularly wonderful. You can also enjoy a cream tea whilst taking in the garden. This year, as in the past, funds raised will be sent to UNICEF. Your support is much appreciated.

Bus route: I am sure that many of you will be dismayed by the new bus route for Pannal Ash and Harlow Hill which came in at the end of July. I have already had many negative comments from local residents, especially those who rely on the bus service to get around. The stops on Harlow Avenue have now disappeared and the bus no longer goes this way. Many local residents relied on these stops to catch the buses into town – the new alternative is much further to walk. Harlow Hill is the coldest and windiest part of Harrogate and our new bus routes have no shelters from the elements. There has been a big reduction in the service with buses only every 30 minutes and no buses at all after 7pm. This will affect our secondary school users at Harrogate Grammar School, Rossett School and Ashville and all adults who use the Rossett Extended Schools education service in the evenings. The service to the Harlow Carr stop has also disappeared and I know was well used by visitors to the town. The buses have been consistently late since the new service was implemented. I am struggling to find anything at all good to say about these changes! As a paying bus user myself, I find it extremely disappointing that these changes have been brought in with apparently not much consideration for those who really do rely on the local bus services. Perhaps Harrogate Connect needs to re-connect with its users and listen to them!

Horticap: during the month of August at the Bluecoat Wood Nurseries on Otley Road, enjoy the Chris Moss Art Exhibition which takes place during garden open hours from 10am-4pm daily. Chris is known for her wire mesh animals and chickens! The garden at Horticap is well worth a visit in its own right with a lovely bird hide and woodland walk and refreshments also being served. Plants and gifts are also available for sale to support the wonderful work being done at Horticap.

RHS Harlow Carr: there are lots of things happening throughout August at Harlow Carr gardens sponsored by the Witan Investment Trust. The garden explorer trail takes place daily with Marshy the eco monkey. On Mondays help to create a poetry garden of glittering haikus, three line poems that all ages can write. Award-winning poet Anneliese Emmmans Dean will be on hand to guide you. On Tuesdays come on a unique rhyme time ramble through the grounds, again with Anneliese who will tell poems, ditties, songs and stories all about the wildlife and plants found on the walk. International storyteller Mary Passeri will tell some great garden tales every Tuesday and Wednesday in the new outdoor storytelling area. Mini-beasts and bugs can be hunted every Wednesday and creative craft workshops take place each Thursday and Friday with animal masks, recycled mini-beasts and colourful jellyfish still to come. At the weekend visit the active area for garden games including croquet, Jenga, Connect 4 and draughts, to name a few. For those who enjoy open air theatre, on Sunday, August 18 at 6.30pm, why not spend a summer evening enjoying a brand new adaption of Sherlock Holmes, compiling all the master detective’s best bits into a brand new adventure. Expect action, mystery and mayhem as Holmes and Watson team up to crack their most fiendish case yet, and all with help from the audience. For full details of all events at Harlow Carr, check out the website www.rhs.org.uk

Autumn events: as I am about to depart for a holiday, it seems no time at all before the autumn term of events looms and with it a chance for you all to make sure that your events, meetings, clubs and groups gain some publicity for local residents through Harlow News. I have been delighted this year by the many people who have contacted me with their news, either by email, telephone or a note through the door! I will be compiling my first September column towards the end of August and would really appreciate all your news as soon as you have it in order for me to achieve the deadlines. Do get in touch and if you are about to go on holiday or are just staying at home, have a fantastic summer and I look forward to welcoming you back to Harlow News very soon.