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Hampsthwaite, Clint and Burnt Yates

Liz Perrett

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Latin Classes in Hampsthwaite: the Muddy Archaeologist, Gillian Hovell is planning to run Latin classes in Hampsthwaite. Only basic Latin is required and she promises two hours which is entertaining, sociable and fun which brings to life the Latin all around us and English alive. The term begins on Wednesday, January 16 from 7-9pm and runs until Wednesday, March 27. If interested then you can enrol by contacting Gillian on Gillian@muddyarchaeologist.co.uk or telephoning on 01423 771290. Payment can be made on the first evening. The 10 weeks course will be £90.

Hampsthwaite Book Exchange: will take place at the Village Room on Thursday, January 10 from 2pm.

Hampsthwaite Gardening Club: the next meeting is on Wednesday, January 16 at 7.45pm at the Memorial Hall when Teresa Clements from the Wakefield and North of England Tulip Society will give a presentation on the history and origins of the bulb.

Tax payments: for those who are self employed, tax needs to be paid by the end of January and this is something which can be done at Hampsthwaite Post Office.