Barbara Bradley

01765 658574

Grewelthorpe WI Quiz: the 2013 edition of Grewelthorpe Womens Institutes very popular annual quiz is now available. They cost £1 each and there is a prize of £20. Please send money and a SAE for your copy or copies to Barbara Bradley, Nutwith House, Grewelthorpe HG4 3DD.

Womens Institute Meeting: the February meeting of Grewelthorpe WI was held in the school last week. Items under discussion included the annual outing and the annual lunch. Ideas for venues for these occasions are needed. Also the WI is to produce a cookery book to raise funds for the institute and also the church. Members were asked to bring recipes to the next meeting. It was agreed to book tickets for the production of The Full Monty at Leeds Grand Theatre in May. An entry has been put together for the federation Kathleen Bird trophy. A collage of photos to depict a year in the life of Grewelthorpe WI the entry to be in February 28. The speaker for the evening was Mr Richard Willis who spoke about the Wonder of the Waterways, illustrated with slides. He was thanked by Sally Marr. The competition for a hand decorated boiled egg was won by Sally Graham. The next meeting will be on Thursday, March 7 at 7.30pm. The speaker will be James Ward with a talk is entitled Briefly Speaking. The competition is for the suggestion of a new law.

Full Monty: Grewelthorpe WI has booked tickets for the production of The Full Monty at Leeds Grand Theatre on Tuesday, May 7. There will be a limited number of seats for non members. Anyone interested should contact a WI member for further details.