Great Yorkshire Show to be ‘business as usual’

Large crowds at the Great Yorkshire Show.
Large crowds at the Great Yorkshire Show.

Organisers of the Great Yorkshire Show say it will be “business as usual” this year despite the fields being turned over to car parking for the Tour de France just two days before.

It’s now been revealed that fields surrounding the showground are to accommodate up to 14,000 cars for visitors as the Tour de France comes to Harrogate on July 5 and 6.

But, with that weekend being the busiest of the year for organisers of the annual agricultural show, organisers have said they are doing everything they can to minimise disruption.

“It’s the final weekend for the build up to the Great Yorkshire Show (GYS),” said Nigel Morgan, operations manager for the Yorkshire Agricultural Society (YAS) and the (GYS). “It’s a very busy time for us.

“The arrival of the Tour is to have a big impact, particularly on the Saturday with all the road closures in Harrogate.

“Much of Harrogate will be closed to traffic.

“There’s no escaping that. “Much of the car parking areas that we use for the show are to be used for public parking.

“But we’ve also got our own business to attend to that weekend.

“And as big as the Tour de France is, and as fantastic as it is for Harrogate, we shouldn’t forget that just two days later, the Great Yorkshire Show starts.

“By Sunday night, the Tour and all their infrastructure will have gone.

“It will not impact on the Great Yorkshire Show.

“It will be business as usual, as far as the show goes.”

He confirmed that fields surrounding the showground, including off Wetherby Road, on the approach from Rudding Lane, off Hookstone Road, and along the old golf course, are to become temporary car parks for show guests.

But, he stressed, the cattle areas and main arenas were to be left alone.

“People can be assured it’s not going to be a case of ‘just head for Harrogate and hope for the best’,” he said.

“We’ve spent several months talking to tour organisers, and our own planning team.

“We’ve made exhibitors aware of arrangements, of road closures, areas to avoid, so they can plan their arrangements over the weekend.

“We are trying to make it as easy for them to carry on as normal that weekend.

“There will be a lot of disruption in and around Harrogate.

“We are aware of that, we’ve planned for it and we’ve made arrangements for that.

“It’s become a part of what we do every day.”

The Great Yorkshire Show is being held in Harrogate from Tuesday, July 8 until Thursday July 10.