Good triumphs over cruel evil of arson as Harrogate raises £10,000 for Saltergate school

Praise for the generosity of the Harrogate community, as a cheque for 10,000 is presented to Saltergate school.
Praise for the generosity of the Harrogate community, as a cheque for 10,000 is presented to Saltergate school.

Harrogate’s phenomenal fundraising efforts have seen good triumph over the devastating evils of arson.

An incredible £10,000 lifeline has been thrown to Saltergate Primary School, after a fire ravished the reception area in May, leaving the school and the wider community feeling ‘sick to the stomach’ and at a loss as to why somebody would deliberately set out to do such a thing.

Nearly £5,000 has been generated through a crowdfunding page, and £3,000 from a community fun day also organised specifically to drum up support - not to mention numerous cash donations and cheques sent directly to the school, and other generous fundraisers.

Parent Dave Burns, who has played a pivotal role in spearheading the fundraising, has been presented with a ‘pillar of the community’ award by the school in recognition of all his efforts.

The headteacher of Saltergate school, Linda Mortimer, has thanked Dave Burns, parents, the emergency services, and the wider school community for their amazing help.

She said: "The help of the wider community has been an immense support over the last couple of months. At the time of the arson attack, it was incredibly disheartening to see the work from years of commitment destroyed without consideration.

"The strength of the community has made us smile again. Everyone has pulled together to help us move forwards. Parents, governors, the local authority, police, fire teams, other schools and friends in the community, have all contributed in their own ways. Our heartfelt thanks to Dave Burns who was instrumental in rallying the troops.

"With all of the funds raised, we plan to use them carefully to support both learning and safety aspects. We are proud to be part of this caring community and I truly appreciate everyone's efforts."

Dave Burns said: “Hopefully out of all this bad, good will prevail, and the school will be safe from future attacks. Amazing CCTV is being fitted as we speak thanks to the crowdfunding, and the children can enjoy all of the new replaced games and activities that were lost in the fire, so generously provided by the Saltergate community and further afield. The response to the fundraising has been overwhelming, and I can’t thank people enough for all of their support.”