Ghost Story of the Day: the eerie Old Bell Tavern

The Old Bell Tavern. Credit: Haunted Harrogate
The Old Bell Tavern. Credit: Haunted Harrogate

As one of the oldest pubs in the town, it comes as no surprise that ever-popular Old Bell Tavern has a sinister story from it's chilling past.

During the 18th century, the inn was frequented by many visitors as people came from far and wide to take the cure from the country's strongest sulphur waters.

A popular place to stop, the tavern was a buzz with different faces who would drink and enjoy themselves until they were spent.

However, rumour has it that one such visitor outstayed his welcome and was asked to leave.

Refusing to go despite all efforts made by staff and other visitors a violent struggle broke out between the unwelcome traveller and the owner of the tavern.

This violent brawl left the traveller dead and the owner was charged with murder.

However, the only witness, a woman, was discredited because she was pregnant.

At the time this was a legitimate argument since a judge would have ruled she was not in her right mind.

Today, the staff at the tavern say the traveller never did leave the Old Bell, the victim of such injustice, he is said to still haunt the building today.

The poltergeist is said to frequently appear as a ghostly apparition and looking very miserable...

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