Generous gift to boost officers’ charity

tis  PCSO Natalie Bridson and PC Graham Wilson who are to do a parachute jump.  110105M1.
tis PCSO Natalie Bridson and PC Graham Wilson who are to do a parachute jump. 110105M1.

A GENEROUS woman who won a trolley dash in a charity raffle has handed her prize over to the homeless of Harrogate.

The anonymous woman was the winner of a random raffle set up by two police officers from Harrogate, with the help of Morrisons supermarket.

This pair, PC Graham Wilson and PCSO Natalie Bridson, are set to jump out of an aeroplane for charity later this month - and they set up the raffle as a sponsorship boost.

They were delighted when the winner, hand-picked from a policeman’s hat by a reporter from the Harrogate Advertiser, said she didn’t want the money and would rather it went back to charity.

“We sold about £350 worth of tickets for the trolley dash, and the generous winner decided that she didn’t want the prize,” said PC Wilson, 44, who covers Starbeck.

“She just said that there were people out there that needed it more than she did.

“All she wanted to do was donate a trolley full of shopping to the Homeless Project before Christmas and any left over could be donated to the fundraising total.”

The police officers delivered £101.50 worth of goods to the Homeless Project.

And a further £250 is to go to the fundraising total for the pair’s daring charity adventure.

On January 29, weather permitting, they will jump 14,000ft out of an aeroplane in a skydive to raise money for Saint Michael’s Hospice and the MS Society.

Despite her fear of flying and terror of heights, PCSO Bridson is determined to complete the challenge as it is for a cause close to her own heart.

Having lost her mum to an MS related illness some years ago, she now wants to give something back to the charity which does so much to help others.

“I just want to get it done now, even though I’m really scared,” said PCSO Bridson, 30, who works in Rossett and Pannal.

“I know that once I’m up there I will be thinking of my mum and that will make it easier.”

The pair are still looking for sponsorship for their charity jump. To help contribute to their fundraising total, call PC Graham Wilson on 07773687177.

“As little or as much as you can, it all makes a difference,” said PC Wilson. “People have been so generous already, and every little helps.”