Gambling site reveals Britain's most inappropriate bets

The age the Queen will live to, the next celebrity to die and Angelina Jolie's next boyfriend.

These are just some of the 'inappropriate' bets British punters wish they could make.

A gambling website has researched the events that would attract a large number of bets if bookies decided to offer odds on them.

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Many punters were just itching to bet on how long Donald Trump will last in office, that footballer Cristiano Ronaldo will eventually come out as gay, and that Kylie Jenner will become the latest celebrity to release a sex tape. More politically minded people were intrigued to call the next EU member state to leave.

Dark bets on the deaths of public figures were also popular, with respondents to the survey saying they would be keen to have a punt on when the Queen and TV nature expert David Attenborough will die - as well as predicting the next famous name to pass away at the notorious age of 27.

Most of the bets would be considered in poor taste, and bookies would be unlikely to accept them.

Those wishing to gamble on Trump's White House tenure thought he would last just two years - half of his presidential term - while the average age punters expected the Queen to live to was 105.

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Over 2,400 users of the site were quizzed about the topics and questions they would love to bet on. Twenty per cent said they favoured betting on celebrity lifestyles.

The top 10 'risky' bets were:

1. The length of Donald Trump’s presidency - 48%

2. The age which the Queen will live to - 42%

3. Kylie Jenner will release a sex tape - 21%

4. Cristiano Ronaldo will come out as gay - 33%

5. Which celebrity will next celebrity join the ‘27 club’ - 27%

6. Michelle Obama will run for President in 2020 - 20%

7. Lewis Hamilton will retire from F1, following Nico Rosberg - 16%

8. The next country to leave the EU - 15%

9. The age which David Attenborough will live to - 13%

10. Who Angelina Jolie will next embark into a relationship with - 10%