Fundraising campaign to help brave youngster

A BRAVE Knaresborough youngster is continuing her treatment for cancer as fundraising events to help her carry on across the Harrogate district.

Three-year-old Sadie Rose Clifford has an aggressive form of cancer known as neuroblastoma and so far more than £35,000 has been raised in a joint appeal with the Harrogate Advertiser, Knaresborough Post and local radio station, Stray fm.

First diagnosed in October 2010, Sadie Rose has since undergone gruelling treatment for the cancer and this week she had a further operation at Leeds General Infirmary to remove a brain tumour.

Mum and dad, Katie and Darren Clifford explain what’s likely to happen now for Sadie Rose.

“After Sadie had an MRI scan of her brain last week to find out whether the chemotherapy had destroyed or shrunk the tumour, we met with our consultant to hear the results.

“The news we received wasn’t great. Sadie’s tumour hadn’t responded to her chemotherapy and was still prominent on the right side of her brain. Sadie is still not in remission and she won’t benefit from any more chemotherapy.

“Though surgery went well this week, it comes with risks as Sadie is likely to be left with permanent weakness down her left side. She will now have a six-week course of Radiotherapy at St James’s Hospital.

“Our consultant still aims to cure Sadie however this will be our last chance. If this does not put Sadie into remission, then the only option left to her would be palliative care which would involve keeping the tumour at bay for as long as possible or until the day comes when we have to say goodbye. This could be weeks, months or years, who knows.

“It has been very hard for us over the last few days, but we will not give up until this battle has been won.”

The family are now raising money for specialist 8H9 treatent available in New York but this will only be an option for Sadie if she goes into remission.

Katie continued: “We realise the time we have left to raise a deposit of at least $250,000 is getting less and less each day and becoming an impossible task.

“We, therefore, met with a London-based charity called Neuroblastoma Alliance UK which helps children and their families affected by Neuroblastoma by providing financial assistance for children’s treatment.

“They have offered to help by paying for the total costs of Sadie’s treatment so Darren and I have decided to launch an appeal with them and continue to fundraise for future treatment Sadie might need.

“If it’s not needed, the money will go back into the pot at NB Alliance UK to help another family in our position who are struggling to find funds at short notice.”

The money previously raised with Families Against Neuroblastoma (FAN) has been frozen and the funds raised transferred to the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Centre in New York once a treatment plan has been finalised.

l Donations can be made to Sadie’s new charity number 1135601. Account details with the Natwest are the Neuroblastoma Children’s Cancer Alliance UK. Account Sort Code: 50-30-05 and Number: 24196878. Please make cheques payable to Neuroblastoma Alliance UK - Sadie Rose Appeal and send to 3-4, Sentinel Square, Brent Street, London NW4 2EL. People can also donate by texting the code SAD199, plus any amount betwen £1 and £10 to 70070 eg. SAD199 £5. Her new online donation page is