Friendly Rivalry at Pumpkin Olympics

NADV 1210201AM1 Pumpkin Olympics.(1210201AM1)
NADV 1210201AM1 Pumpkin Olympics.(1210201AM1)

Nidderdale saw its first Pumpkin Olympics held on October 21, and the rivalry between two great nations was fierce.

Teams representing both the USA and the UK met at The Queens Head Pub in Kettlesing to do battle over their vegetables.

Competitor Stephen Vaughan said: “It was a very light-hearted duel, no gold, silver or bronze medals were to be won but pride and prestige in nations were at stake.

“It was a bit of fun to lighten up dreary autumn days.”

The Cree family from Felliscliffe were the winners on the day with Mr Vaughan’s family coming in last while the American contingent, the Sohosky family, had to settle for second place. Mr Vaughan said he hopes it will become annual event. He said: “I hope it shows our connection with our friends across the pond.”