Four Weddings and a Funeral star for Harrogate Theatre show

The movie poster of Four Weddings and a Funeral.
The movie poster of Four Weddings and a Funeral.

It’s almost a guarantee of comedy gold when Olivier Award-winning Sara Crowe’s name pops up in the credits.

A familiar face to British audiences from stage and TV, not to forget movies like Four Weddings and a Funeral, this superb actress will shortly be appearing at Harrogate Theatre in a hit West End comedy.

Coming to Harrogate Theatre - Superb comedy actress Sara Crowe.

Coming to Harrogate Theatre - Superb comedy actress Sara Crowe.

Based on a classic modern French play, despite its title Don’t Dress for Dinner is no end-of-the-pier, drop your trousers farce – and it’s got Sara Crowe!

Co-producer Phil Stewart says Sarah is the icing on the cake of this fast-paced tale of gorgeous mistresses and good food and bad supper parties.

Speaking from London where he’s currently appearing in The Curious Incident of the Dog at Night-Time, Phil said: “Sara is a fabulous comedy actress. We were so lucky to get her.

“But we’re also go Ben Roddy in our cast, who appeared in Absoutely Fabulous – The Movie, and Damian Williams who was in Being Tommy Cooper on TV.”

There seem to be no nerves from Phil even though this touring show is his first one for Phil and Ben Productions, the company he set up last year with Ben.

But, then again, this multi-talented Southport-based actor does know Harrogate audiences well. He’s had a major role in the annual panto the last four years out of five. You may remember him as the dame.

Phil said: “We’re only like to put our shows on in nice old playhouse but Harrogate Theatre is my favourite theatre in the whole country.

“It’s a great venue. We insisted the tour had to come to Harrogate.”

A co-production with Jordan Productions, phil&benproductions, to give them their proper title, have already received rave reviews for the news show from the likes of the Brighton Argus.

No wonder. The original version of Don’t Dress for Dinner ran in the West End for five years, afterall.

Phil said: “It’s a hilarious comedy but it’s no Brian Rix-style show. It’s clever and its modern and our cast of six are all superb.”

Don’t Dress for Dinner runs at Harrogate Theatre from May 10-13.