Flooding latest: New bus service to cope with Linton's damaged bridge

Some of the flooding in the Wetherby area.
Some of the flooding in the Wetherby area.

A shuttle bus service has been arranged to operate between Linton (opposite the Windmill Inn) bus stop 14885 and Wetherby bus terminus to provide a service whilst the x99 is diverted due to the damaged bridge at Linton.

The service will be operated by Harrogate Coach Travel and will operate Monday to Saturday leaving Linton at 0920 and hourly until 1620 retuning from Wetherby at 0940 and hourly until 1640. All stops will be observed and the service will be free to use.

The service will commence operation on Saturday 2nd January and will continue until further notice.

Passenger notices will be posted early next week.