Family rescued after getting lost at Brimham Rocks

Stock picture of Brimham Rocks
Stock picture of Brimham Rocks

A family had to be rescued whilst enjoying a day out at Brimham Rocks after losing their way in the fog.

The Upper Wharefedale Fell Rescue Association (UWFRA) team were called after the family became disorientated due to the adverse weather conditions.

Teams leaders were forced to use specialist software to get in touch with the lost family, locate them and then guide them back to safety.

A statement on the UWFRA's Facebook page explained that the family made the correct call to contact them after losing their way.

The statement read: "Whilst Brimham is popular location, it is certainly large enough to become disorientated in, especially if, as last Friday (Jauary 27) visibility is reduced by fog.

"In this case the family did exactly the right thing and we were able to give directions enabling them to reorientation themselves before it got dark."