Facebook debate after vandalism

Our Facebook page. (S)
Our Facebook page. (S)

AFTER vandals covered every piece of equipment in a Strensall play area with spray-on cooking oil, we asked members of our Facebook page what should be done to protect the region’s parks.

Helen Nash said the answer was to “employ security guards”, adding that it would “cost less than the huge repair bill amassed by these mindless idiots!”.

Matthew Bourne disagreed, saying: “We don’t need security guards, we need enough police on the streets to catch the perpetrators and once caught they need to be dealt with in a way that will act as a deterrent to others – if they’re very young then take action against the parents who are not looking after them.”

Jonathan Cave echoed his sentiments, saying: “In my experience of private security, for the money they are paid, they are (understandably) often not overly keen on acting as much of a deterrent.

“Unfortunately in today’s society, a purely visible deterrent is not one at all to today’s ‘kids’. As Matthew said, more police, and a harsh enough penalty to act as a deterrent.

“Parents also need to take responsibility for their own children!”

Linda Cheung was gobsmacked by the story, saying: “What the hell?! Do these kids know how expensive cooking oil is these days?

“Parents need to spend more time on teaching morals and not to disrespect things that don’t belong to them. Parents – check your kitchen for any unexplained missing oil.”

She added: “I don’t think security is a great idea, it’s not cost effective.

“It’ll only mean higher council tax bills, here’s where CCTV comes in, video evidence is the way!”

Others suggested there were broader societal reasons for the behaviour, with Paul Cooper saying: “I blame the bleeding heart politically correct ‘let’s talk about this’ society.”

“I grew up in New Park in the 1950s. EVERYBODY was your parent, from the grocer to the bus conductor to the lollipop lady. If you THOUGHT about doing something wrong, you got a clip across the ear from the nearest adult, and then they told your mum and dad and you got another one! Today there seems to be no respect, no control and bugger-all consequence.”

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