Exciting regeneration for Station Parade area of Harrogate?

Major regeneration for Station Parade area of Harrogate?Major regeneration for Station Parade area of Harrogate?
Major regeneration for Station Parade area of Harrogate?
The Transforming Cities Fund may sound like the usual jargon but, if Harrogate’s multi-million pound bid for transport funding is successful, the town's Station Parade area may be walking - or cycling - into a better and greener future.

Harrogate's hopes for a better transport hub in its town centre may be wrapped up in the region’s broader aims linked to the ‘Northern Powerhouse’ dependent but its list of proposals which will impact on residents’ daily lives is quite specific.

In coordinating three bids simultaneously (Harrogate, Selby, Skipton; all towns part of the Leeds City Region), North Yorkshire County Council - with the close involvement of Harrogate Borough Council - has had to prepare detailed plans.

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The wide-ranging programme seeks to support the delivery of high quality walking and cycling infrastructure, to reallocate road space and to boost public transport provision.

In Harrogate, this would mean improved railway station frontage with better access for pedestrians and cyclists; improved facilities for walking and cycling in the town centre; and improvements to public spaces in the town.

Station Parade, Harrogate: Top five aims regeneration goals

Create “an iconic gateway” for visitors to Harrogate town centre

Regenerate shops and businesses in the Station Parade area

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End the physical divide between Station Parade and the rest of the town centre for people on foot by reconfiguring crossings, changing the layout and moving the short term car park at the railway station - all with the aim of creating easier access for pedestrians from the bus and railway station side of town to the rest of it

Support and improve sustainable transport in Harrogate to reduce carbon emissions and reduce car use

Construct a new segregated cycle path on both sides of the A59 from Knaresborough via Starbeck level crossing all the way to Victoria Avenue

Although the plans for Harrogate exhibit a clear intention to reduce car use, the proposals do not involve a ban on cars on Station Parade.

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Neither will there be significant changes for motorists on East Parade.

One additional possibility is finding a way to give buses priority on Station Parade.