EU Referendum: Harrogate split over Brexit decision

Harrogate split over EU decision
Harrogate split over EU decision

Britain will hold a referendum on whether we should should remain in the European Union on Thursday, June 23.

The country will be asked "Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?".

It's been dubbed a 'once in a generation' decision for Britain but it seems Harrogate residents are still divided on which way they will vote come June.

Mike Partridge is amongst those in Harrogate who will vote to remain in the EU and said: "100 per cent stay. We can be very arrogant as Brits about own classes.

"We need to be a bit more open minded about how Europe lives. It's useful for economic security, quality of life so we should remain in Europe.

"It's not perfect but we have more chance of fixing it if we are in rather than out

"There's a few opportunistic politicians who give them impression of trying to forward their own careers rather than working in the best interest of the country."

Peter and Ruth Kerr agreed with Mr Partridge, believing that Britain will become stronger by working together with European countries rather than against them.

Ruth said: "I think we should stay in, I lived for a year in Germany. They are our neighbours and we need to cooperate with them.

"We've got separatists everywhere, even Yorkshire and Cornish people wanting to go it alone. We need to work together, it's to our mutual benefit.

"We need to sort our problems out together, it's such a shame that so many people are against it."

Alan Smith was also in favour of remaining in the EU and said: "I just think we are better off being in it. It won't affect me too much but it would be better for future generations. We know what we're in at the moment but we won't know what we will end up with."

However, with such an important question and far-reaching consequences of either decision, it was understandable some Harrogate residents were still on the fence.

Joan Hall said: "I've never really been interested in politics. I listen to it, I don't really know yet, I'm still weighing it all up.

"I think we are better staying in. Some of things Cameron has done over the past week are right but people need to be looked after better and others take advantage of us.

"My generation have worked and payed in but when you need a bit of help you can't get anything. But, if we came out, where would that leave us?"

Others are sure that Britain's best interests lie away from being one of the 28 European countries in the EU, including Christine Sweeney.

She said: "I think as Great Britain we can get other partners throughout the world. We need a tighter control on immigrants and benefits.

"I don't think Cameron got all he wanted from the deal but I'm scared if we decide to stay then the courts will overturn what he did."

Dennis and Pauline Bowley agreed and said: "I can't see any way that they can say the amount we pay them is beneficial to our country and the amount we have given up in our laws and powers. I also can't see any benefits for the younger generation."

Jean and Mike Haw said they had always been in favour of leaving the EU but admitted they have started to have some doubts.

Mike said: "I have always been in favour of leaving the EU but now I'm not so sure. It's such an important issue.

"I think there's a lot to be said for coming out because we can govern ourselves more easily and that's a big benefit in my opinion. Our laws were always made in Brussels, I would like to get back to being our own law makers."