Wetherby flood alert warning

People were yesterday urged to move their cars as two car parks in Wetherby began to flood last weekend.

Tuesday, 25th February 2020, 3:34 pm
Fwd: Floods in Wetherby and Collingham

Residents raised the alarm on social media by sharing photographs of the rising water levels.

They advised people who had cars parked in the free Wetherby Sports Association and Wilderness car parks to move them immediately.

The New Inn posted on Saturday afternoon: “Anyone who has parked in the Wilderness Car Park (where the bandstand is), the Sports Association Car Park or elsewhere near the river might want to move them ASAP as the river is rapidly flooding.”

A dog walker passes the flooded Wetherby Ings sports pitches. Picture Jonathan Gawthorpe 23rd February 2020.

Some vehicles had already been partly-submerged by the flood water.

Levels in the nearby River Wharfe peaked throughout the evening.

A flood alert was also in place for the Lower River Wharfe at Wetherby, which means flooding is possible and residents should be prepared.

On its website, the Environment Agency said at the weekend: “Levels have receded to normal levels in the Upper Wharfe Catchment but remain high in the Lower Wharfe Catchment around Collingham and Wetherby where we expect the levels to peak Saturday afternoon and evening.”

On Tuesday a flood alert remained in force as levels on the lower River Nidd remained high at Skip Bridge following recent rainfall and due to high river levels on the Ouse and Ure.

The Environment agency said: “River levels are expected to rise and fall over the next few days in response to further rainfall and snowmelt.

“River levels have now peaked following the latest rainfall at Knaresborough and Hunsingore and are expected to peak around midday Tuesday February 25 at Skip Bridge. “Low lying land and local roads may remain affected by floodwaters over the coming days.

“Please avoid using low lying footpaths near local watercourses. Plan driving routes to avoid low lying roads near rivers which may be flooded.”

Residents in and around Tockwith posted pictures of cars stranded in flooded roads in the village.