Sewage at Oakdale Beck branded revolting by furious Jennyfields residents

Sewage at Oakdale Beck
Sewage at Oakdale Beck

Sewage levels at Oakdale Beck are at the “worst they’ve ever been” with waste continually clogging the grills, according to frustrated New Park residents.

Engineers from Yorkshire Water were called out once again by frustrated residents on Tuesday to reports of waste build up at the beck.

Coun Webber with sewage at Oakdale Beck

Coun Webber with sewage at Oakdale Beck

The grills had become visibly blocked up with waste following periods of heavy rainfall with sewage water overflowing and discharging into Oak Beck.

Residents have raised the ongoing problems with Yorkshire Water on a number of previous occasions with New Park councillor Matthew Webber also raising his concerns with the company.

Coun Webber was previously told via email that the system would be too expensive to fix despite the fact that the network was “not fit for purpose”.

However, after this latest incident, Yorkshire Water have now said the problem will be put forward for investigation and assessed on the solution cost and benefits of the scheme.

A Yorkshire Water spokesperson said: “As we’ve previously mentioned the sewer network in this area is very complicated and underground springs enter the network.

"We manage the area very carefully and carry out weekly inspections of this sewer overflow.”

Currently Yorkshire Water respond to any problems at Oak Beck within two hours of being contacted by the Environment Agency by conducting a full clean up operation.

However both local residents and Coun Webber have demanded that a thorough investigation into the problem takes place in order to find a long-term solution.

Stonebeck Avenue resident Phil Underwood said that the problem was occurring more frequently than ever before and was making local residents’ lives a “living misery”.

He said: “I walk down there a lot and as soon as you go round the corner the smell hits you. The smell is revolting as is the waste hanging off the grill. It happens every time there is a period of heavy rain.

“Even if Yorkshire Water clear the grill then the sewage water will still be travelling through the River Nidd into Knaresborough.

"They need to investigate the problem properly rather than complaining about how much it will cost.”

Coun Webber called for Yorkshire Water to hold a public meeting with residents on the issue given the ongoing effects of the sewage on the local environment.

"Yorkshire Water need to clean up their act and explain to local residents how the system works and why the problem is occurring,” Coun Webber insisted.

“There’s clearly something not working in the system somewhere but they seemingly can’t justify spending money to fix it.

“Usually the waste builds up over time but it seems to be getting worse - this is the first time it has filled up so quickly.”