Roman silver coin declared as Treasure at Harrogate Magistrates Court

The coroner ruled that the Roman Silver coin dated back to AD 193 should be declared treasure.

A Roman silver coin has been officially declared as treasure during a coroner's inquest at Harrogate Magistrates Court yesterday (October 11).

The coin which has been dated back to the period AD 193, was found on January 17 in the Skipton area, by Patrick Law, while he was using a metal detector.

The inquest heard that the coin "would have likely belonged to an emperor at the time", measuring just over 18mm in diameter and weighing 1.7 grams.

The coin depicts a female figure holding scales, however the mint is unclear, as Coroner, Rob Turnbull later explained: "one quarter of the coin has been lost to a worn break".

Single precious coins do not usually constitute treasure under the Treasure Act 1996 but noting that the coin in question contained at least 10 per cent precious metal and was more than 300 years old, Coroner Turnbull decided that the item should be declared treasure.

Craven Museum in Skipton have expressed an interest in acquiring the coin.

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