Northerners found to be the least grumpy about winter

Picture: Gary Longbottom
Picture: Gary Longbottom

It's official... Northerners have been found to be the least pessimistic bunch about the winters snowy settings, shorter days and freezing temperatures.

Autumn is here, the days are getting shorter, and it’s not long until the clocks go back - and while we might welcome that extra hour in bed, the shorter days and darker nights all just feel quite… gloomy.

But a study of 3,000 people across the UK, by an online lighting retailer (Scotlight Direct), has found that Northerners are much more welcoming of winter than our seasonally-affected Southern counterparts.

The most southern countries in the UK - England and Wales - were the gloomiest about our approach towards the icy season with 67 per cent of English people disgruntled by it.

In typical cheery-Irish style Northern Ireland were the least worried about winter with only 62 per cent claiming they were longing for the summer sunshine.

Within England, the pint is definitely half-full up north too - even if it is frozen.

The study found there was nearly a 10 per cent difference in people who were cross about the cold between those down in the East Midlands (70 per cent) and those up n the North East (61 per cent).